The Redesigning Wellness Podcast

023: The Continuum of Snarkiness with Jon Robison (Part 2)


Today we talk a lot about the criticism that Jon and others have faced when challenging the status quo. Jon walks us through how he gained a newfound respect for WELCOA, the wellness organization that has previously been stuck in the past.

Jon tells us how him, Al and Rosie wrote up Employee Health Code of Conduct to prevent harmful practices done to employees. They invited comments and questions. They want brokers, consultants, wellness vendors and companies sign the Code of Conduct.

Per Jon, Quizzify and WELCOA have already endorsed the code but Optum and HERO have refused to endorse it. All WELCOA preferred providers will have to sign the Code.

Jon has a lot of respect for people will admit they were wrong. In fact, Jon used to run an Optifast program.

I jab Jon about his Linked In commenting and he talks about the continuum of snarkiness. He’s received negative comments on Linked In as well but admits he’s occasionally stepped over the line.

When you are speaking out about strong paradigms and challenging the status quo, you may need to be more direct.

Jon gives advice to his younger self/wellness pros getting out of school today and tell us about The Fusion, an upcoming conference in 2018 that includes Wellness, HR, safety and Organizational Development.

Jon leaves us with his advice for a company who wants to start a wellness program and tells us about their Thriving Workplace Culture certificate.


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