The Redesigning Wellness Podcast

011: Wellness by Subtraction with Evin Cole, Director of Strategic Customer Engagement at Kaiser Permanente

Evin Cole

Evin Cole is Director of Strategic Customer Engagement at Kaiser Permanente, where she leads the Workforce Health Consulting team, as well as strategy and development of Employer Onsite Clinics.  She works to facilitate strategic customer solutions for employer groups, partnering closely with the Kaiser Permanente care delivery team, health educators, and health coaches to improve the health and well-being of populations and communities.

Evin is also a founding executive member of Wellness Underground, helping to oversee aspects of our growing audience, considering ways to be creatively disruptive, organizing workshops, and looking for ways to make a positive influence.

She loves spending time outdoors with her husband and their two daughters, and couldn’t live without her yoga practice, good food, and music.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What her and her team see when they consult with employers on wellness
  • Why employers can’t force employees to change their behavior
  • Where Evin would like to see wellness go and the ROI conversation
  • Her role in Wellness Underground and how she was nervous about coming out as the co-creator
  • What’s wrong and right with the wellness industry

Evin has a great approach she calls “wellness by subtraction” built on the concept of making life easier for employees and not harder.

Finally, part of Evin’s role is onsite clinics and she gives us the main reasons employers buy into them.


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