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007: The Critical Link between Sleep & our Waking Success with Dr. Rebecca Robbins

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Rebecca Robbins, PhD. conducts research at the NYU School of Medicine on the critical role sleep plays in our waking lives. She co-authored a book called Sleep for Success! in 2011 with Dr. James B. Maas.

Dr. Robbins published peer-reviewed literature in publications including SLEEP, the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, and Preventing Chronic Disease. Her work has also appeared in the New York Times, The Financial Times, Condé Nast Traveler, and Martha Stewart Living.

Dr. Robbins has appeared on many news shows, including Fox Business News, ABC World News Now, CBS This Morning, and ABC Nightline. She speaks on the topic of sleep to audiences ranging from academic to corporate, including Google and General Electric (just to name a few).

Shout out – Dr. Robbins is looking for those people in organizations that doing something relating to employee wellness however large or small for a 10 minute phone interview. It’s part of a research study to advance the scientific understanding about the components of effective wellness programs. Email to schedule your interview slot. 

Today Rebecca and I discuss:

  • The key benefits of sleep
  • Breaks down circadian rhythm and REM sleep
  • How we can make getting good sleep more normative and make sleep part of the conversation in corporate environment

Rebecca talks about her time at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab where she published a few papers on employee wellness. One was the 10% solution around management involvement in wellness (linked below) and workplace health codes of conduct. It’s a very interesting approach to employee health.

Dr. Robbins talks about a powerful approach to technology, tangible tips for getting a good night’s sleep and what night shift and split shift workers can do to get better sleep.

When talking sleep, of course we talk about sleep pods, nap rooms and what’s up with being sleepy between 2 and 4 p.m.


Food & Brand Lab at Cornell

10% solution research

Blue light blocking sunglasses – you can just google these and find a ton of options

Contact info:

Center for Healthful Behavior Change at the NYU School of Medicine

Her book: Sleep for Success! Everything You Must Know About Sleep But are Too Tired to Ask

Wellness Professionals

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