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003: Part 2, Challenging the Wellness Status Quo with Brian Passon

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Brian’s motto is to “be a facilitator and help others experience success”. This motto is evident in his co-creation of the Wellness Underground.

As I continue my conversation with Brian Passon, he talks about how Wellness Underground got started and his experience with the two first conferences. His main objective was to create an amazing experience for participants (which he did). Although one participant thought they may be getting scammed!

Brian also walks us through his new venture, Quantified Habits. He focuses on the importance of the right message at the right time in the right place. Not to mention, how a random high 5 can brighten someone else’s day.

Brian tells us about a person who challenges his thinking and tells him nothing’s impossible. For example…robots at the office anyone?

Brian leaves employers with one tangible tip when starting a wellness program and how we may be getting sick of the word “habit” in the near future.

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