The Redesigning Wellness Podcast

002: Challenging the Wellness Status Quo with Brian Passon

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Brian has been around the field long enough to have done some crappy wellness programs and some great ones too.

With a graduate degree in sports psychology, Brian wants people and organizations to achieve optimal work and life performance.

He’s worked within the insurance environment, formed a consulting company, co-created the Wellness Underground and now also working at Quantified Habits.

Brian aims to develop habit forming technologies and solutions for individuals, organizations and health coaches. He has a desire to be constructively disruptive in order to maximize success.

In our chat, we talk the wide gamete of the wellness industry. Some highlights include:

  • The problem with the question “what are other companies doing around wellness”.
  • The sham of worksite wellness awards
  • Why hiring a staff person may trump hiring a wellness vendor
  • Wellness ROI – what you can expect
  • Signs you’re not ready for a wellness program

We also get to hear how Brian got into the wellness industry and how why he wants to disrupt it (constructively, of course).

Since we talked for a good hour or so, I split this episode into two parts. We continue our chat in the next episode.

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