Are you One of the 8% who Achieved their Resolution?

You might think this article is a bit late now since we’re well past January 1st. HOWEVER, according to a study by the University of Scranton, only 8% who made resolutions will actually achieve their goal. And most have already given up.

So, if you are one of the 92% who already threw in the towel, or are one of the 60% who didn’t even bother to make resolutions, consider setting intentions for success and peace of mind. There are many tips to help.

For one thing, keep your resolutions short and sweet.  Try to make just one small change, practice it for 90 days, and then add another step if you are ready.  The advice that it takes 21-days or 30-days to create a habit is a myth perpetuated by an observation made (NOT RESEARCH) 5 decades ago!

The myth continues, yet current research indicates -and most experts agree – it takes over 2 months for a habit to form and be sustained. Think strengthening and building neuron connections!

Make sure that the intention is realistic and develop a plan of actions to take – just a few that you are willing to begin in order to achieve your goal. Be mindful of what matters, your current situation, and what you want to do. Then list why you want to accomplish the intention and what it would mean to you.

Other tips for setting positive intentions or adopting a healthy habit?

Visualize success

  • Believe you can do it and that the change is worth it
  • Persevere through slips and rough spots. Be flexible and acknowledge that intentions aren’t about perfection.
  • Don’t think all or nothing – It’s a process. Challenges are components of change. Welcome the experiences as part of the learning  journey.
  • Read your intention(s), reasons and plan regularly; daily is best, but at least weekly. Revise the plan (and intentions!) as needed.
  • Enjoy the journey. The process is as, if not MORE, important than the actual outcome.

Also, consider well-being dimensions and not just physical health changes such as losing weight or exercising more. All dimensions are interconnected!

So… would you like to –

  • Be a better listener?
  • Not be so quick to judge others?
  • Interact more positively with others?
  • Practice patience and tolerance?
  • Become a better leader?
  • Foster positive relationships?
  • Learn a new skill or hobby?
  • Practice forgiveness?
  • Reconnect with someone?
  • Create opportunities for joy, hope, optimism and delight?
  • Savor experiences?
  • Practice acts of kindness, generosity, and gratitude?

To check out the University of Scranton study click here.