4 Ways to Get your Health Back on Track TODAY

Most of us have taken the past couple weeks to enjoy the holidays. That means eating and drinking more and exercising less, resulting in an extra pound or two that you’ll have as a holiday keepsake in the new year.

If you want to get your health back on track, here are a few ways to get started TODAY:

Start today – Even before the holidays, I talked to people who were already throwing their health out the window saying they’ll start in the New Year. One couldn’t understand the point of starting an exercise program in December. Like many others, she’s waiting until the magical New Year to come when she’ll be super healthy and fit.

With New Year’s Day falling on a Friday, many of us will wait until Monday to start back to our normal exercise and diet routine. I beg of you…don’t wait! You can decide to take a positive step toward your health TODAY.

Take a small step – Instead of stringing together the next 5 days as a free for all junk fest, try starting with one healthy choice. Go get out for a walk, choose fruit for a snack, add vegetables to dinner…just take one step to infuse some health into your day. Chances are you’ll feel better about yourself which can lead to a few more small steps.

Check yourself – As humans, we rationalize anything if it’s really what we want to do. Every time my mom has 2 out of 3 of her kids together, she likes to “celebrate” by eating junk food. We get together enough so it’s no celebration when we’re together.

Do you tell yourself there’s a good reason to keep eating the candy laying around the house? Do you promise yourself you’ll be super healthy in the New Year to make up for it? Notice what stories you may be telling yourself to make up for poor health choices.

Forgive yourself – Often times when we eat one unhealthy meal or skip one workout, we tend to open the floodgates and stop any healthy habits. We beat ourselves up and drown our sorrows in more food and less exercise. Forgive yourself and know you can get back on track immediately. Instead of waiting until Monday, think of the next hour as a fresh start for you to make a healthy choice.

It’s a tough time of year for making healthy choices but by trying the steps above, you can get started today!