Why a Workplace Wellness Blog?

Corporate wellness is and has been my profession for the past 11 years.  I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly of corporate wellness programs.  There’s no shortage of HR professionals that have their employees’ best interests in mind but aren’t exactly sure how to engage their employees in their health.  So why start a workplace wellness blog?   Two reasons – to help share my experience of what works (and doesn’t) and to contribute to the conversation being had within the wellness profession.

A common scenario among employers is that most don’t have trained wellness staff and HR is trying to figure out how to “do” wellness. I had a recent HR person show me a stack of research she had completed about how to start an employee wellness program but had no idea how to translate it into practice. I want to help the folks who are trying to figure out where they should be investing their time, energy and money and find new ways to improve health at the worksite. We spend at least 40 hours of our precious time at work, so why not make it a place to thrive?

After 30+ years the corporate wellness profession is finally at a crossroad (or at least it feels that way).   I hear it more at conferences and among forward thinking colleagues but still tend to hear the same advice over and over…complete a health assessment, screening, etc….you get the drift.  Many realize employee wellness needs to be done differently but no one has all of the answers.   Although I have these conversations within my company and with employer groups, shifting the paradigm about employee wellness feels overwhelming.

I decided to at least start the conversation and share my experiences through this blog.